If not NOW, then WHEN?

Tick tock, my personal chaperon for every passing second with the systematically daunting tick tock, tick tock, as I walk down the hallway of time. It is often understood that a minute follows the next in a neat and orderly fashion. I am fairly certain you have experienced moments that time did not follow this linear lineup. The silence of each passing minute filling an eternity and moments whooshing by in the blink of an eye, between these two peaks we contemplate life.


It is my personal observance, if you are engaged in something that you enjoy, time passes quickly, conversely when participating in something that makes you miserable or pushes a comfort level, time freezes. What causes us to interpret time differently; it is the same passage by the hands of time.


Experience is constantly fine-tuning my consciousness to adapt to what surrounds me. An average human beings lifespan encompasses approximately 34,790,757 minutes. Currently, I have used 23,677,190 minutes. My personal choices will inform how those remaining minutes are fulfilled, whether they are enjoyed or simply tolerated.


My days quickly turn into weeks and months and before I know it, months have passed. I have to sit down and go through all lists containing what I have accomplished, proving to myself that all that time really did pass before my eyes. I enjoy what fills my time and the work that I create engages me. This passing of time instills an element of urgency as time is fleeting and reminds me to embrace it before it dissipates.


How do you experience the passing of time?


If not now, then when?


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  1. P. says:

    Well observed.

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