January 27, 2012


Je m’pelle jon-michel, Je suis de Chicago.

So I know who I am ( or at least my name) and where I live. This is what three classes have given me.

Well also Ça va tres bien… Ça va tres mal.

I have learned that spell check hates me not only is it trying to fix my French but it is also fixing my English. If I type a curse word I do not want it to turn into “shut”…

Most of my posts to date have been about my artwork or the creative process or even the disappointment of staring at a bank canvas and having it laugh back at you. But I have decided to explore a different medium to express myself. and that is the medium is language more specifically, French.

I took it in High School… but that was a couple years ago…lol…and I did horrible… the more I tried the worst I did.  So taking the French class has been a way to move forward and erase some of the yucky past… it is also been supported by the fact that I would like to spend my 45th birthday in France. So that is the goal…

So as with my muse… I show up and I sit and study and wait for the muse to show up to see the magic and the wondered of a new language before me. I must admit as excited as I am thinking about class and learning …I also have moments where I am sick to my stomach wondering if I am crazy for wanting this, adding more “stuff” to a schedule that is unreal,

But there is that little cheerleader that is inside that says YES you are crazy… but sometimes dreams can be crazy and unrealistic!  If you don’t push yourself how will you ever know how far you can go.

So I go forward creating the life I want to create… and learn as I explore

WHO I was,

WHO I am,

WHO I will be…

2 Responses to January 27, 2012

  1. Julie says:

    Funny, I was reading your blog and its sounds like My day every day…too much, more than most can handle,but, it becomes our being. I run this French program so that is how I checked out your blog..You “liked’ My facebook. I took French for 3 years in high school, but have had no conversational French since then, except when my French students visit for 3 weeks in the summer. I was just in France for 9 days and it was absolutely amazing, especially if you appreciate the Arts! I am 44 and this was my first time. I highly recommend conversational French, since they speak so fast and it is so difficult to distinguish one word blending in to the next. Where are you taking French classes? I think I will start with Rosetta Stone, I have a friend that is giving me his program so I will try that out.I need to take some serious classes because I have so much communication with French people on a daily basis. Running this program is great because I have so many friends in France now to visit. It’s not easy learning language at our age!

    • johnmichael says:

      Morning, Thank you for the reply and the kind words. I am currently taking classes at Truman College. I am totally enjoying it… but I must admit at times I want to go running screaming from the room during class… the speed is very fast and I am having difficultly figuring out where the word starts and stops. I feel my head spinning…lol
      I have Maryam Damghani as my instructor and she is so amazing in explaining things and being there when I need help. I figure if I am to learn French… I have found the perfect instructor. Have an amazing day!

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