January 7, 2013

I was very humbled by the responses that I received to my question, What Inspires you?

In reading them I found that most had a common connection to nature, and I find this true with myself. That often what surround us is also what inspires us.

To be completely honest I did not know how this project was going to move forward. My first thought was to condense the e-mails and then give you a summary or a “cliff note” version. But when I sat down and started to read them. It became clear that I wanted to maintain the voice and the spirit of each individual, because that is the most important part of what creativity is, not only the object but it is the energy of the individual that is breathed into the experience.

These are just parts of each response.


… the rhythms of nature, by the ocean’s different moods – calm and serene at times, and stormy and angry at others – and the way that sand, rock and leaves changes, erode and transform over time. At the moment I am also very inspired by the insects and other creatures around us – whether they fly, crawl, skitter, bore, burrow or screech. And at the same time I am inspired by moments – with loved ones; insights when I spend time alone; seeing kindness and compassion; and those precious moments when you notice or feel something normal or ‘everyday’ becoming special and extraordinary. And last but not least – I am inspired by other artists, writers and performers…


…gardening inspires me, but more specifically, dwarf conifers really get me going.  In the realm of creation, they are magnificent and they bring joy and happiness to my life and center me so that I can be creative. Rocks inspire me.  I have always been in awe of rocks.  I know how they are made and the resulting beauty of each rock transcends imagination.  I often ask people who travel to bring me a stone or rock …


… some of my creative expressions, being a non-artist?  My home is very much my refuge; so rearranging the art I collect is enjoyable as an activity and also lets me appreciate each piece in a new and different way.  Changing an item’s location or juxtaposition with other pieces can reveal a beauty or detail not previously obvious.

It may sound crazy, but I also enjoy giving wonderful gifts.  This isn’t about the money spent or specifically the materialistic value of an item, its about the creativity of delving into someone’s interests and knowing them well enough to find something that will delight and inspire them, perhaps something they didn’t know they wanted or would enjoy…. something sensual about art and the creative process.  To me it is about turning our awareness to our senses, letting the mind and emotions be unconstrained by the conventional…


… the blooming of Spring… new life The beauty of the yard awakening from a long winter’s nap.Seeing my child becoming a loving and caring person to everyone he comes in contact with on a daily basis.
Seeing all of our kids and grandchildren learning and growing each and every day.
Knowing that I have done the best that I could for all of them…


… is truly great music. Mahler, Strauss, anything musically Baroque especially the French Baroque, fabulous Queer fiction, walking on a beach at the Atlantic Ocean, preferably on Cape Cod in the winter when no one else is there. Walking through the giant sequoias north of San Francisco…


So thank you for everyone’s time and interest.  I think as an artist the sharing of ideas causes us to grow and expand our potential to become the person we meant to become. This was a great way for me to start my morning!  I hope it inspired you as well!


Be bold and fearless in the creation of your life. Go forth and fill the world with love and compassion. For we all have the need to create and be loved!

One Response to January 7, 2013

  1. Pablo says:

    Wow! Great responses to the question: “What inspires you?”

    For me inspiration most often occurs when I’m not searching or waiting for it!

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