January ~ Oh What You Have Taught Me.

Creative Process…2018


So far 2018 has been about exploring and challenging my personal and professional comfort zones as I move forward in my process of expanding the visual scope of my 2-D work.


Through the incorporation of sensory elements my goal is to create an immersive space, which invites the viewer to encounter the work within an interactive, multi-sensory environment that engages all of their senses.


My goal has been to elevate their experience from “looking through a window” to constructing a larger opening that invites them to wander from their current reality and persuades them to explore their internal dream world.


At the start of January I also began to incorporate concepts of gestural movements into my studio practice by participating in beginners dance classes (contemporary, ballet and hip hop) exploring concepts of how movement experienced through my body might inform my work.


This has been amazing journey and is providing me the tools to understand different methods that I can incorporate into the current work so it not only moves within the constraints of the physical frame, but also explore how it might invite the viewer to accept a more interactive role surrounding the art.


While I have been exploring all these elements I am still fascinated with the dynamics of the senses how they inform and overlap in out personal daily experiences In this process I am take note of the nuances as my art is informed by their multi-layering as I expand the work from 2-D into the realms of more installation 3-D interactive experience.


I am enjoying the process and also reminding myself that the most important thing to remember is to have fun and laugh.


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