June 24, 2012

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I wanted to post the painting that I just finished to give you a chance to see how my paintings progress. There is a three month span between each photo. But at least you get the idea of my creative process. The painting is a little dark but I feel it represents something that happens much to often to wonderfully creative individuals.

In my life I have seen many individuals abandon their pursuit of their passions and settle for less, because it was easier.  We are all creative individuals by nature and we create in many different forms. You must at all cost stay true to yourself and have the courage to follow that inner voice and become the person you are meant to be. Never allow someone to tell you that you deserve anything less! Be Proud of who you are your both your talents and your challenges.

The painting’s main subject is a brightly marked butterfly that is trapped  [protected] within a bubble and in the background there is an iron grid. The beauty of the butterfly is protected by the bubble and then even more so by the iron grid in the background. If one looks closely the body of the butterfly has been replace by a human skeleton.

I have titled this piece “Papillon~ the death of caged beauty.” Papillon is a French word for Butterfly.

Often when we come across a thing of great beauty there is always the fear that someday it will leave or be taken away.  We tend to hold on tightly to prevent it from escaping. But often the same method of protection can also serve as a method of extermination. There is that famous quote about setting someone free if they return it was meant to be.  We are made of flesh and bone, but we are also 100% energy in motion, every cell in constant vibration.

Spread your wings and soar,  become the amazing person your were meant to be!




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