June 29, 2011

Last evening I was invited to partake in a mask making class… to be honest, I have never created a mask before… at least a physical one, I have created my share of symbolic and invisible masks, but that is a completely different topic and blog… one not to be explored this evening.

At first, I was not sure what the mask was going to look like… a piece of cardboard formed in the shape of a face, not mine… but someone’s as I was surrounded by pieces of yarn, and ribbons and shiny objects that sat back quietly waiting to see if they were to be chosen. The setting was a beautiful studio overlooking Lake Michigan, what better place to let the creative thought develop and run freely.(How can you not gaze out into the horizon beyond the water and not feel inspired!) The setting was very different… to be creative while being part of a small group. I am accustomed to sitting alone in my studio and working on art alone…working in a group setting was a welcoming surprise it was fun to see what others were creating the and dialogue between the “mask makers” and the mask.

But after a little over two hours I was putting the final touches on my mask. My thought process you ask? I wanted something that reminded me of the earth and being grounded within my world, earth goddess or of the Druids. I picked green for the likeness of leaves and plants and the copper for the conduction of energy that connects everything. The seed pods on the forehead are the connection of the third eye to the seeds of nature. The brown yarn is for the brown of the earth and the softness that the earth cradles us. The gold represents the power of alchemy to change all things to gold. Although she/he does not have a name yet… the mask represents the creative element that we all inhabit as we create our lives each and every day.

So now I have a new mask to watch over me and protect me in my studio. Thank you Carole and Ari

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