The initial writings for today’s post had a very different feel and focus, as I moved through my day something shifted in the studio and my mind began to wander.


While working on the reclaimed 32-inch raw tabletop that I prepped last week with several applications of gesso.  It became clear to me that this piece will not be for sale, not even sure it is something I will submit for shows, it is for my personal collection.


Because of the shape (round) and size it is organically the configuration of a Mandala. I have created these in the past and this work has always informed my process of why I create the work I do. Although mandalas are often created in various materials they are usually initiated from the center working out to the edges, in the past I have followed this tradition. But for this piece it feels different, there is an altered process that is necessary for me to create this work. The widespread understanding of a mandala is to focus on the center and allow the eye and energy to expand and to move outward: physically and mentally into the world. My current perception of this piece is that I am to start from the outer edges and work my way inward, causing the energy to turn inward to produce a pure essence to expand organically.


My intention  is that this work, as it moves forward, will become a learning tool. Helping me understand how I may become more authentic in my work, a meditation in motion and color. The energy of this work excites me and I really don’t mean to tease you, but I am choosing to keep how process evolves close to my chest as I feel it well be seeds for future work. I apologize for not sharing more about this work, but I believe this is giant step that will help me move forward.


I have included two more images of the work, just to give you an idea of the size and nature of this work. These might be the last I post of this piece.



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  1. Sue says:


  2. P. says:

    Yes, art will lead you to more authentic work and will lead you to a more authentic way of being in the world.

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