March 18, 2013



recycle |rēˈsīkəl|

verb [ with obj. ]

convert (waste) into reusable material: car hulks were recycled into new steel | (as adj. recycled) : goods made of recycled materials | (as noun recycling) : a call for the recycling of all paper.

• return (material) to a previous stage in a cyclic process.

• use again: he reserves the right to recycle his own text.


recycler |-k(ə)lər|noun


For many years now, I have been confronting the concept of cycles in my artwork. How we move through them and how they affect us. It has been my experience that they often return creating a complete full circle. This includes both the tangible and the more elusive subject matters. In my art-world I have taken on a form of Ouroboros (an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail). I have been exploring cycles and playing on the variations of them. I have found that often when things return completing the cycle, they have changed or transcended from their previous form.


This is one of the things that most fascinates me about my artwork, utilizing something that has seemly pasted its life span and transforming it into something that holds new life. The object informs me of a different purpose and breaths life back into the object and into my artwork. This process takes on so many different forms, ideas, applications and concepts. Sometimes this is obvious in my artwork but more times than not it is the skeleton that the work is built upon.


In my research of what people associate with the word recycle.  I have found many mixed responses, ranging from the very positive to the horribly negative. I find a certain beauty in something that is weathered or an object that was well loved and shows signs of wear. These objects can be organic and nature based or man-made.


It seems that we have created a world filled with disposables. Where things only have value until the newer version comes along, unfortunately this mindset often also includes individuals. So it seems that the word “recycle” is often dismissed quickly and the word “replaced” has more power and attraction.


So, I pose a question to you.

What does the word “recycle” mean to you?

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