March 21, 2013

I wanted to share with you something very exciting!


The diptych is now finished. I placed the final touches this afternoon when I returned from work. All that is left now is to patiently wait for the paint to dry completely. This will allow the tones to even out and display the true matured colors.   Although, I have been working on these for over four months I have yet to come up with a title, but that will come in time. I need to sit with the paintings for a while and see what feels right…but for now, they will be known as the “Untitled Diptych”.


It seems very odd to finally see these off of the easel and hanging on the wall. This is the furthest distance that they have been apart from each other since starting them.  It always intrigues me that when I finish with a particular piece and step back to view it as a complete work, they always seem to take on a personality all of their own that was not apparent to me while I was painting.


In the process of creating these I learned many things. I realized that as the work progressed my level of expectation shifted. I was more aware of things that needed a little extra special attention and I was able to fine-tune things as I went along. I feel that this piece challenged me in different ways then my past art has.  Although, I am sad to see this piece finished. I am excited with the thoughts of what the future canvas holds for me. I am also thankful for all that this piece has taught me about my work and of myself.


Untitled Diptych



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  1. Pablo says:

    Great post! Sounds like the art is doing its job of leading you. The painting is just

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