March 4, 2013

“A piece of art is never a finished work. It answers a question which has been asked, and asks a new question.” ~Robert Engman


I had originally thought that I would share with you my profound thoughts about this quote… well, it didn’t seem to follow that direction shortly after I started.

It is my experience is that the question that is often asked starts with the word…WHY?

Today was spent in the studio with the focus of getting everything completed.

Realistic… well, not even close.

Here is the list: at least the part that I was able to finish. I will not share the entire list because it only depresses me. This is less than half of the original list.

1.)  Work on “social media”, connecting with new and different artist on Facebook. I want to be able to explore artist’s work and be able to share mine with them… increasing my visibility.

2.)  Connecting with individuals on LinkedIn. Not really the forum for an artist, I think it is more for corporate business and individuals that work 9-5. Nonetheless, I found contacts there. And shared my website and blog links. Maybe a corporate account will fall in my lap. You don’t know unless you ask, correct?

3.)  Worked on the two paintings trying to fine-tune them making the lines crisper and just overall adding the finishing touches. The goal is for them to be done by this weekend. I will post when they are complete and hanging on my wall.

4.)  Fixed my yahoo e-mail account that seemed to have been hacked this evening. This was not a planned event for the day… more of a “guess what, surprise” So if you get a random email(s) from me with a link. Please do not open it and I am sorry for any potential issue.

5.)  Started working on a new 30in x 20in painting. While the other one dries.

6.) Create this…  blog for the week.

7.)  This is where my energy cheerleader left and I was kicked to the side.

The questions of the day…and they are not because of the painting, or of the creative process but because of trying to finish things so I could actually work on the paintings.

WHY did it the day go by so quickly?  Here it is 11:45pm and I am still working on the list.

In connecting with artist in the last couple days, from all over the world. I have seen some amazing works.

I wonder HOW they are able to do it? How do they have the time to do the marketing, the prep work, research, have a family, have a life and still be able to produce such high volumes of artwork?

HOW are they able to do this with out going insane in the process? It just amazes me. I feel like I am constantly trying to finish things and I run out of time and energy. It makes me seriously question whether I am missing something here.  As if the clue phone is ringing… and I can’t hear it.

So this is frustrating for me, do other artist have this issue, or am I just doing something wrong?

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