My Art ~ My Responsibility

Very good day in the studio today! The to–do list for the month is becoming shorter and shorter each day!  All paintings are accessorized with D-rings and hanging wires… ready to ship. Now, the quest to find the perfect shipping box for each one has begun.


As I move forward into this I am learning how to explore different paths and still maintain focus on my goals. While remaining fluid enough in my process as not to become frustrated [freaked out] during the challenging moments (although, I do still get very frustrated).


One of the concepts that I am exploring is something that has never really presented itself in the past… but these days I feel more responsible for what I put out in the world with my artwork. I realize that the art is an extension of myself, but the minute it leaves the studio the artwork expands and takes on a life of its own…  because of this I understand and accept the fact that I have no control over the reactions it may invoke. It is similar to raising a child you can only teach them so much, but in the end they have to make their own decisions. I am putting my art out into the world with the hopes that it serves as a vessel to invite individuals the opportunity to question their thoughts and beliefs and potentially experiencing things differently.


Something else that I have been reminded of today as I work in the studio… is the fact that when sending art out into the world and sharing with individuals that you may never see that piece again.  Art is a process of creating, releasing and letting go.  Realizing that you have given birth to the artwork with the understanding that it will continue to express even when you have perished.


I am responsible for what I send out into our world.


World in my hands

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