Post Office Adventure

Last week I came up with a new idea for an interesting project and I wanted to include you in the action! I realize this may seem vague, but I do not want to give away too much information… until later. But, I promise it will make you think…


You might be one of the 10 individuals that will receive “something” from me in your mailbox (physical, not e-mail) in the next couple of days.


What I would like you to do is when/if you receive “this”, go to my blog page on my website and under this post you will see a link that is marked  “Leave a Comment”. Click on that and it will open to a page that will allow you to leave a comment. Once you are there, please describe what you received in the mail. But “DO NOT” reveal what it is, only describe it in the best manner that you can. (This is the perfect time to use your thesaurus!)


I will collect all this information with the images that I took while putting this together and a little more about my thought process behind this.



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