November 23, 2012

I would like to think that the life of an artist is all about making “art”.

November for me has been all about the “stuff” that happens in the studio… not on the easel but on the computer and the desk, the business part of “art”… I am sad to say that it is not as fun as “creating” the art.  But it is equally as important. I have reworked my artist statement, and my artist Bio.  Created a CV and worked on preparing packets to send out applying for shows and competitions for upcoming year.  I realize that to most people this seems a simple thing…and for some it may be…. But for me it is very difficult.

To write about what I do and how I think about it and the creative process as manic and random that it is to me at times… in my mind it makes perfect total sense (most of the time) but when I try to put it down into words, sentences and then a paragraph, well it just does not work out that well for me.

I would love to be able to rejoice in the fact that I am able to multitask with the best of them and switch my brain’s focus at the drop of a hat and all is fabulous, but I can’t.

I was fortunate enough to be connected with a wonderfully talent woman who has given me something I was lacking… this was “TIME” and a few quiet moments of sanity… something that I was quickly running out of … sorry to everyone who had to deal with me.

As a Thank You for how much she has helped me let me do a little cross~artist plug!

Her name is Alice, and her company is called “Time Gifts”  Check her out she is truly amazing!  I mean seriously if she is able to help me focus and helped me get so much in one month… she has got to be really GOOD!

So November is almost gone and the new focus is December and to start to close out the year and prepare to move forward into a New Year of possibilities!

So things for “US” look forward to in the New Year:


  • More quality time for me to create artwork
  • More places for you to go and see my artwork
  • I calmer and happier john-michael
  • My artwork contributing a larger % to my overall income

Let the journey unravel to reveal itself…



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