November 27, 2011

Road Block (mental or otherwise)



STOP…. Turn around and go back from whence you came from.

Caution… pause look around ponder other venues.

Jump over the barricades and get ready for the adventure ahead.

So many to choose from… (Yes, I realize there are only three) I have the range from the safe to the somewhat scary… Just not sure which is more anxiety producing STOP and retreat… or jump and explore.

So much for that grey area of indecision just the black and white… I was thinking maybe a nice grey toned plaid would be a better choice. So…I have come to this crossroad or roadblock and feeling a little uneasy on what to do.  So many choices and I have to pick one….  I visualize walking into a vast empty dimly lighted  room just waiting for me to fill it with all that I have to offer.

and then…..

I have this list of things I would like to do…and I have this amount of time to do them in… and well lets just say that this equation is not realistic, balanced or even possible…welcome to my mental world.

I have artwork that I have to work on …

I have artwork that I want to work on …

and then there is the artwork that I dream about creating.

And then in the rest of time I have all the other things I need to focus on





And then there is the time saved for me to rest, meditate, eat and breathing.

I think I past up 24hours limit several listings ago.

So my question to myself is…

How do I get to do everything I want to and still have time to really make it happen?

I feel like I a running after time yelling WAIT I have three more things I need to finish please don’t go yet. Just three more things… and then its gone.

I am asking for my cake (five layer torte) and to be able to eat it…and yes could I have a side of homemade chocolate ice cream?

Is that so bad…except it is a little crazy making, even on a good day!


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