POP Up Art In Bloomington, Indiana

This last weekend I visited Bloomington and I came across this little ripple in time, a vortex into a unfamiliar and stimulating new world. Tempted by a sea of bubbles as I traveled below street level into a storefront of an old bank with blocked out windows ensnared me as I transported.


The project: “Free Birthday Party: Camping on Venus” hosted by The Headquarters. Presented by Cloud Preaser. I hope that the images will communicate the energy of this whimsical journey.


Pushing the door open you pierce a world filled with reflections of light and color as it dances off of the surfaces of crumpled Mylar that encases the room, you question what awaits you around the next corner?


To your left a room labeled the Birthday Party, a celebration that has been suspended in time. Streamers cover the ceiling as they reflect the cotton candy pink lights reminding us of a time in the past… or something that has been long trapped in the imagination.  Venturing forward along the maze you find yourself slowly sinking into a room filled with sand… you have landed in a new world as you look down, footprints of the ones who came before you, sit a while in the oasis of green. Rest up, for your journey has just begun.


Balloons, lots of balloons “caution|peligro” maybe another party, but this one you are not alone as the eyes of another observes your every move. Maybe you will find a false comfort in that…maybe not.


The journey continues through rooms of dinosaurs and a “safe” place to have a relaxing luncheon. Your visit to this strange and wonderful space concludes with travels through more lights reflecting as you return to the here and now, you may seem the same, but are you… Perhaps your molecules have rearranged just a little bit as you experienced this vortex of time and space, only time will tell.



The artists involved in this project.

Phil Cardenas
Ben Jaggers
Nelson Kaufman
Ian Kime
Matt Lawler
Heidi Wieland
Jialin Yang


The closing reception is Saturday, May 24; starting approximately around 6pm.

Cloud Preaser currently has a Facebook Page to document the works.


Check them out and like their Page to keep up with their latest adventures. Learn more about who they are and their mission to birth fresh new art into the world.


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