Post Office Adventure ~ part 2

When creating art it is usually best not to have any preconceived ideas about the art before it happens…  as not to limit what the art might become.

This situation is a little different because the art never showed up.  The fact that no one commented on the post from Monday informs me that no one received anything from me in their mail box.

So part of  my experience was documenting this process to provide the foundation to build upon. But this is one of those times that I have nothing to place on top of the foundation.

But they do say that a photo is worth a 1000 words

So here is 2000 words of proof of something you never received. (FYI… this is a potato)


Mailed Potato


3 Responses to Post Office Adventure ~ part 2

  1. Larry S. says:

    Never fear, the mail came through. Proud potato recipient here. My guess is the non-standard shape can’t be handled with automated equipment and took longer to process.

    1st reactions: Came home from work and saw mail sticking out of the mail slot of my home. Noticed something that looked like a rock with a note on it sitting on the chair on my front porch (would fit into the mail slot). First thought – what the hell? Is this some sort of nasty prank?

    Looked at it and saw stamps and realized I was a party to your latest art project.

    2nd reaction: Why a potato? My natural guilt-laced heritage came to life and wondered if this was a subtle reference to my couch-potato habits.

    3rd reaction: Looked at the stamps, love the slogans, had no idea the Post Office had Equality & Justice stamps. Realized the effort that went into preparing this for mailing. Mental note to by Equality and Justice stamps (Liberty & Freedom ain’t bad either, but that seems a bit more expected from the Post Office).

    4th reaction: Should I cook and eat it? Why couldn’t the art project have included cookies?

    5th reaction: A bit soft, maybe not the best idea. Damn!

    6th reaction: Took a Magic Marker and drew a face on it and took two skewers and made scarecrow style arms Sat on my desk at home where he is smiling at me.

    7th reaction: Why was I selected to receive a potato? What is the deeper meaning?

    8th reaction: Perhaps there is no deeper meaning? Perhaps the meaning is whatever I choose to assign?

    9th reaction: I have a potato on my desk smiling at me. It makes me feel happy and goofy and silly. I enjoy these feelings.

    10th reaction: Thanks for including me!

  2. Sue says:

    Guess what I got in the mail this afternoon????
    I was outside when the mailman came, he said “I have a question for you, I said OK
    he handed me my surprise package and said Is the sour cream coming on Monday?
    I said I was not sure. You can send almost anything in the mail with enough postage.
    I looked at the postage. 4 stamps, Equality, Freedom, Justice and Liberty. That is
    what the USA is suppose to be about.
    Not sure what I’m going to do with it, right not it sits on my desk.
    Thanks for including me, this is fun.

  3. Pablo says:

    Whoa. Opened my mailbox yesterday and to my surprise the Potato arrived 22 days after it was sent. How fun. I’m so happy. Wondering what my postal carrier must have thought 🙂

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