Potential Artist Gathering~

I am playing with the idea of creating an “Artist Gathering” on Monday evenings from 7-9.


I am at that point in my career as an artist, where I have learned many things and in the process I have realized there is even more out there that I need to learn.  I think that most artists are traveling on a similar path… just at different milestones.


My goal with creating this artist gathering is to promote a neutral setting to meet up and share thoughts and ideas while utilizing the collective knowledge to help us as artist to evolve to the next level.  Everyone has their strengths…and everyone has something they could learn. This would also create an opportunity for artist to leave their studios/desk/ computers and share ideas and current projects with other artist in real time. I am open to ideas and suggestions as to what this might look like … ideas?


every two weeks?



Topics that we might be able to help each other out with:





Inspirations for future works

Things that work… things that do not work!






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