Random Pop-Up Gallery

Late Thursday evening, I was walking back to the Studio and I came across a random selection of paintings of portraits propped up against a fence.


No one was around, just 10 paintings ~  a random Pop-Up Gallery was before me.



I sat on the ground and spent some time with each one. These were not signed or any indication of who might have painted them or the subjects … or any clues as to their relationship to the painter.


I drifted into a place of stories and dreams of people and places that more than likely have never existed.


…and then I continued onward to the Studio leaving the gallery as I found it.


But carried these stories back with me.


I became more focused on one of the paintings… and really wanted it included in my personal collection. The idea of taking the painting seemed disrespectful and morally wrong for my karma as a fellow artists.


So after hours of pondering in the Studio I was able to make sense of the situation…. I did not feel it was approbate for me to take the painting, but I could trade it with one of my pieces of art.


That created the warm and fuzzy feeling, I needed.


That next afternoon I went back to the painting that I had fallen in love with and replaced it with one of the handmade cards I created, and a little sign in calligraphy saying, “Thank You”, returning to the Studio with a new addition for my collection.


I went back last night to check and see if anything remained; all but two paintings and the card with Thank You were gone.



Below is the painting that I now own.


Thank You to the mystery artist for the sharing their generosity of magic. Creating an opportunity for me to re-create a history and new story of the artist, the subject and me.










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