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Yesterday was the first day or autumn… although in my mind it is last day of summer.  When seasons start to change it provides that gentle tap on my shoulder and the whisper in my ear… “this is a good time to step back and evaluate and take note”.  What have I been able to achieve and what do I want to accomplish in the up coming months.  Since jumping into this with both feet in June doing art full-time as well maintaining my ”day” job. I have been able to accomplish many things that I have to admit, challenged my sanity in the beginning.  Searching for that ever-changing balance between keeping my feet firmly grounded while reaching up and outward pushing my comfort levels.  I retrospect it does not seem that difficult… but in the moment it was a bit intense and crazy making.


So some accomplishments to date:


In the last 5 months have been accepted for 8 exhibitions and have a goal of adding 4 more to that list before the end of the year.


I have been rejected from 5 exhibitions.  Even though it is disappointing to receive rejection e-mails. I am glad to have had the experience of these, as they have taught me many things. Next year, I will apply for these shows again and move forward with a better understanding of what to submit.


I am planning the First Open Studio, October 7, 2013,  7-10pm.

If you have not received an invite…. Please let me know.



I am exploring the idea of expanding my studio classes to include more than just Calligraphy. Turning the studio into a creative place for artist to gather and share ideas and thoughts and create a social support while having fun!



Above all… I have learned more than I ever thought possible about the making of the art, the business of the art and how very different the two are. I have also explored and learned new narratives of what being an artist means to me. I am also guaranteed that there is a never-ending list of things for me to continue to learn and grow… and for this I am very excited for the journey before me.


2 Responses to Random Thoughts Of Consciousness

  1. Pablo says:

    “Turning the studio into a creative place for artist to gather and share ideas and thoughts and create a social support while having fun!” And artists salon! Marvelous.

  2. Sue says:

    What an excellent idea. A place to meet and share ideas, to meet new people and to
    reconnect with artists or anybody that you have not been in contact with recently.

    Everybody has different ideas, you can share and learn. It sounds like a wonderful
    experience for everybody involved.

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