September 25, 2011


I spent most of last night painting… I finally put down the brush somewhere around three o’clock. I must admit that it was not an easy morning, Cold rainy day and me… well, very tired not the best way to start the day. The painting is coming along very well, but I feel that each stroke of the brush a little bit of my soul is sucked into one of the flowers…it is making them full of life and me…well tired.

I came home and logged into the computer and a friend had posted this youtube clip on his Facebook wall.  It really made me think…it really is all the little things that add up to something. I only hope that I can be the best hummingbird that I can be…and remember that what we do does make a difference, no matter how small it may seem at the moment.

View the clip below~


“I Will Be A Hummingbird” | Wangari Maathai





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