Show At Morpho Gallery 1-25-14

Morpho Gallery Show


Thank you to everyone who braved the cold on Saturday to come out to Morpho Gallery to see my show. There was a great turn out, barely room to move around. It was a perfect opportunity to meet some great artists and see their art. If you were unable to attend, my art will be up till February 6th. So there is plenty of time to go explore!



In the photos you can’t really see it, but  the two painting were placed on either side of a doorway. Which at first seemed unusual to me…but then the more I thought about it seemed very appropriate, because the placement forces one to enter a different reality (room) to view each of them. One of the things I try to encourage with my paintings is to invite the viewer to approach what they see in a different manner. Challenging them to break out of their normal perception of reality, as they define it. Sometime I just have to sit back and let the synergy take over ,it seems to know better than I do.


I had a fun evening and met some very interesting people and saw some great art!

It does not get better than that!

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