The Duality Between Choices

We are taught from a very early age that there are often only two choices for every decision.


The good

The bad


This is like saying in a world filled with many colors that the only choices are black and white, not even the chance for even a touch of gray.


After looking at all the facts one quickly realizes that the conflict created is supported by information that is already shadowed by perceptions ~ yours or other individuals … and these are subjective at best.


So how does someone choose between two options, without making a list of the good and bad, is it possible? Do you use instinct or analysis ~ rational or emotional?


I have been reading this wonderful book. How We Decide, by Jonah Lehrer. In the book Jonah explains the human decision-making process using neuroscience and behavioral economics. Although the reviews are mixed and they claim some of the interviews are not completely true…. I did walk away with some good ideas and information.  As I said before, information is subjective and it is as only good as the source.


My focus in most of my blog posts is to create a question(s) or challenge(s). Then I explain how I worked through it and share what I learned in the process.

But this time, I pose the question to you…


What approach do you used to make choices?




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