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One of the best things about being an artist is that I get to meet and share ideas, thoughts and passions with so many other artists and talk about not only our personal works but about the artists that inspire us to create. While learning more about what is happening in the world of art.


I was lucky to meet an amazing artist during the Kinsey Institute show I was part of in May… Her name is Catherine Armbrust (if you get a chance Google her artwork it is AMAZING). Catherine was one of those artists that I fell in love with her art and her passion to make a difference in the world. Willing to be that person providing a voice for those who may have not been heard otherwise. To me this is the greatest passion possible, when ones’ artwork and compassion become one the same.


So today my blog is dedicated to Catherine, to share with you a project of Catherine’s that needs a little bit more funding to make it a reality. Towards the bottom of the post are links that you can learn more about Catherine and her project.


Please help if you can, I know she would greatly appreciate it and if you are unable to contribute at this time, feel free to share this blog post with your friends and family so we may surround this project with wonderful creative energy.  Art is about making the world a better place for everyone!


The Lake Chapala Projects


Mixed media artist Catherine Armbrust—recent winner of The Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show 2014 “Gallery Visitors’ Choice” award at Indiana University—is preparing to return to Mexico this autumn to implement The Lake Chapala Projects.



The Lake Chapala Projects seek to create sculptural installations and costumed performances that interact with the water and landscape of Chapala, Mexico.



“The lake is an important resource for the state of Jalisco—providing income for fishermen, fresh water for drinking and irrigating crops, and a revenue base for tourism,“ Armbrust explains.  “Though a major source of life, the lake is in jeopardy for various political and environmental reasons and is a constant source of debate in the region. Thus the lake is the essence of the area, acting simultaneously as a symbol of both vitality and loss.”



Armbrust became concerned about this issue during a month-long artist residency in Chapala after receiving her MFA in Fibers from the University of Missouri in late 2012. She is in the process of raising funds for this creative venture through her Lake Chapala Projects Indiegogo campaign (ends on June 23, 2014).


For more information, please see The Lake Chapala Projects pages online at:


Please ‘Like” the projects’ Facebook page to follow her progress.


Please visit to donate to Catherine’s project.


You may contact Catherine directly if you have any questions or if you just want to reach out to introduce yourself and say hello.

Catherine Armbrust




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