The only way is FORWARD

When looking back and romanticized about your past, there is great potential of becoming attached to what happened…  the good, bad and indifferent, the expereince is altered as we look back through those moments. Fear dissipates as you claim your path. They say you never step into the same river twice…the river is always changing and so are our life experiences.


But continue to do the same as you have done in the past and you will always achieve similar outcomes. For some this path might be the perfect goal , a nice and comfortable reality. But what worked in the past may not always work well in the future, survival is about adapting and growing… what does not bend will break.


Todays focus is about gently closing doors of the past, thanking them for the learning opportunities and the insights that were passed along, as I take steps forward to explore the new doors that are opening before me.


While reaching for the larger dream of the future, the events of the past helped to reach this time and place , but these moments of the past do not determine the future.


As the  journey continues, walk forward looking to the right and to the left… but never walking backwards
















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