The Voice Of The Gremlin

gremlin |ˈgremlin|
noun informal
an imaginary mischievous sprite regarded as responsible for an unexplained problem or fault, esp. a mechanical or electronic one: a gremlin in my computer omitted a line.
• an unexplained problem or fault.
ORIGIN 1940s: perhaps suggested by goblin.



The Gremlin is the inner voice that questions and micro-manages all that you think and do. This is the voice that very quietly and methodically tells you:


  1. This is a stupid idea… it is much too risky.
  2. You are not ready for that to happen…yet.
  3. What are you thinking… there is no way you can pull that off…
  4. That is just crazy talk. You have to be responsible.

This list continues depending on the day and the situation.
Please understand that the voice of the Gremlin is not completely malicious. The job of the Gremlin is to help protect us from doing things that may potential put us in the path of great harm.


This is where the conflict of the ever so present love/ hate relationship comes to full circle, filled with moments of protection and then quickly switching to overbearing, life-sucking suffocation of your creative energy.


The Gremlin is never further than a thought away and always willing to share his favorite self-doubting key phrases with you… but you must remember that the Gremlin gathers his energy by the amount of power you allow him. His strength is empowered by your fear-based doubts that you cling on to.


The Gremlin is your personal version of the voices of the Sirens that plagued Homer in the Odyssey. Listen not to their beautiful voices, as they will lull you to the land of deep sleep of self-doubt.


Unfortunately, we are paired with the Gremlin for life, there is no starving him or killing him off ~ But if you name him and acknowledge that he has no real power here, he will then believe you and recoil back into the dark shadows of your mind. He may possess great power but only if you hand it over to him.


So invite your Gremlin to play and make friends with him but never forget that his message is that of a worn out recording that no longer has power over you. Just thank your Gremlin for visiting and then ask him to leave because you have a ton of exciting things to explore!


So what name have you given your Gremlin?



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