There Is A Train Coming Down The Track

This week has been a wonderful journey as I have viewed my life from the metaphoric window of a coach seat on a cross country train… enjoying the views but never really knowing when the train would make an unscheduled stop at a station.


I have confidence that I am indeed on the correct train, But the adventure is unfolding as I travel along.


When I was younger I always wanted to stow away on a freight train and see where it would take me. I loved the idea of the adventure and the element of surprise of where I would end up…

But, I never acted upon this because I was afraid that I would not be able to find my way back home.


I still hold those dreams dear and even though I have not been able to travel much in my life so far, the places that I have visited have been amazing and I have been grateful for the opportunities to see the world and view my life differently as I traveled along the “train tracks” to new and exciting destinations… both in thought and physical forms.


I am very fortunate to live in Chicago and use my bike as my primary source of transportation, because this allows me the opportunity to experience many different cultures with only having to travel a short distance. It supports my belief that our unique traditions and cultural differences create a wonderful opportunity to learn so many interesting things about others and in turn learn new things about ourselves. It is in the exploration and sharing of differences that we learn that we enjoy more things in common than we originally though.  In this process we create a dialog based out of mutual respect and genuine curiosity. Throughout my day, I am able to experience the world at large in little ways in the sights and smells of the individual neighborhoods as travel through them.


It is though these wonderful opportunities that I am able to create a new and exciting adventure everyday. As I grow older I have a better understanding of my choices for destinations but I am still pleasantly surprise by the unscheduled stops that reveal the potential for an adventure!


Sometimes the destination is not as important as the adventure you might experience while traveling there.


Train Tracks

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