Uncertainty ~ How Do You Embrace It?

Things rarely happen in the time frame that I think they should. It would seem the universe works from a different time frame. I guess perspective changes when you compare 13.77 billion years to one of my months. It does place things into a little different reality… sometimes I need to remind myself of this.


Everyday contains an element of uncertainty. This can be viewed beneficial as it opens doors for new and exciting things to manifest. The other side of the coin of uncertainty has the potential to create feelings of doubt and anxiety, making it a very uncomfortable space to “hang out”.


How can one thrive in this muddy puddle of uncertainty? My approach in life is very proactive, exploring new ideas and viewpoints. Then all of this information gets sorted and processed integrating it into my everyday life. I move forward in a very “taking the initiative” manner.  But even with such a direct approach it is difficult for me to figure out or even understand how these things can be measured and by using what method.


The time I have to contribute to this experience on Earth is tiny in comparison to 13.77 billion years. I am less than a blink of the eye, yet the here and now is all that I have to work with and build from. This path that we walk daily leads us to uncertainty and everything that is dragged along with that and then plops us down there, alone. I accept this as fact, but struggle daily to figure out a tactic to wrap my mind around this concept. It is my understanding that the ripple effect is experienced as the ripples gently expand away from one’s presence. What happens if there is a large gap in between these ripples? Is that where uncertainty slips in?


For me, it feels like sitting in still pool of water (in reality it is my bathtub). There is comfort and silence, but there is also a feeling of isolation. How does one go about measuring the immeasurable?  How do I know with any certainty what affect I have in the world? How do I make that more effective for all involved?  How does one measure this with any clarity?


How do you embrace the uncertainty of life?


One Response to Uncertainty ~ How Do You Embrace It?

  1. Pablo says:

    Great subject for a blogpost!
    Sometimes, I believe we will never know what effect we will have in the world.
    Not always can it be measured with any certainty. Art that transforms and challenges can have effects years from now.

    One of my great art teachers and teacher-of-life taught me to operate from the place that I am inherently enough.

    Do you think this belief is helpful for embracing life with uncertainty?

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