What Is Your Favorite Work Of Art?

This time I am going to try something different… I am inviting you to play a “ART”  game with me to give you an opportunity to be more actively involved in this blog post.


This is a simple game. In the comment section below I would like for you to list one of your favorite pieces of artwork, it can be a painting, sculpture even a building. I want you to post the name of the object, the artist and the year that it was created.


In Thursday’s blog I will explain what the next step of the process is…and I will share what mine is.


Get ready…

Get set..




5 Responses to What Is Your Favorite Work Of Art?

  1. Pablo says:

    Wow. I have so many ‘favorites’. What comes to mind at the moment is YAYOI KUSAMA’S – FIREFLIES ON THE WATER 2002.

    • johnmichael says:

      Yes, that is an amazing piece! Thank you for sharing!

      I always love to learn about other peoples favorites.
      This is one of the greatest ways to learn about artist that I have not been exposed to.
      Thank you again for sharing, it is always great to get feed back on the blog posts!

  2. Larry says:

    Also have so many. I remember being so moved by the massive statue of Buddha carved into the side of the mountains in Afghanistan.

  3. johnmichael says:

    Very cool, do you remember anything else about the carving…
    Where in Afghanistan? Or who created it or the time period?
    Thank you for posting.

    I would love to learn more about it!

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