What Time Exposes

For more than a year now I have peddled my bike over this particular spot of road on Ravenswood. Over the course of the year I have watched it evolve as more payment has broken away revealing the brick. Each morning as I have rolled over this spot I smile because it makes me think of how over the year I too have evolved. Ravenswood

It has been a series of ripping down and rebuilding as I explore, redefine and create. The process is not always easy or pretty… nor is it mapped out. It has been a one step at a time process, and sometimes those steps were moving backwards.

I see the road and it reminds me that sometimes things have to breakdown to expose the beautiful parts that have been covered up and hidden over time. As time moves forward I have watched more and more of the beautiful brick exposed and it reminds me that as I move forward parts of me that no longer serve me are crumbling away. The layers that were created to protect me are no longer necessary and as a result are crumbling and being cast aside.

Instead of feeling the need to rebuild them I am finding joy in polishing what is below the surface. In this case the bricks are not perfect nor is the placement, but they are beautiful.

I know one day I will ride by and there will be a fresh layer of asphalt … but I will know that the real beauty is hidden below.

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