What would you pack?

Working on concepts for a new body of art.

This week I posted on Facebook and other social media platforms this question~


Question~ If tonight you were taken from your home with the understanding that you would never be able to return but you are able to take with you ONLY 5 things that fit into the suitcase below.

(The size is 13in x 9in and 7in height.)

What would you pack?


The premise of the work is based on individuals sent to insane asylums in the early 1900’s, exploring their choices of what they took with them, with the understanding that they would never return. Items they selected were loving and heartfelt, but often random, as their choices were not necessarily based within a scope of logical thinking. (When presenting this question, I realized responses would be based on clear logic and motives, as I did not explain the underlying reasons for ones quick departure or where they would be going.)


Exploring and developing these concepts for several months I have been working within the perimeters of mental challenges and my curiosity in abandon buildings. My goal is to foster a catalysis creating a storyline exploring items we chose to take or to leave behind when forced to leave a situation or environments and their interrelation as it informs spaces that remain: physically and physiologically…and of course this is wonderful fodder to be expressed in a surrealist fashion which makes me very happy!

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