Who Is Your Favorite Artist?

So today I offer a different type of post then what I normally create. This post is a question for you to explore….


Who is your favorite Artist and how does their expression of art speak to you?


This can be an individual or a group working in any medium, it can be a Painter, Sculptor, Dancer, Performance Artist, Vocalist or even a Writer.

Post your answers/comment in the comment section under this post.


My response is although I have many artists that I pull inspiration from. I always have a favorite, lately it has been René Magritte ….and why

I am very drawn to the surrealism painters and more specifically René Magritte. I find his use of common object presented in a dissimilar setting opens a door for individuals to explore how one can view the world through different eyes. This asks the individual to investigate how the particular placement expresses ideas/ concepts using what is visually presented. It creates an opportunity for a dialog about how we all perceive things differently, because of what we bring to the moment. I also like the fact that often these paintings encompass more of a dreamscape reality. This is something that I strive to convey in my paintings I like that fact that my work causes people to ask questions and maybe view something in a different light then they did before. There is nothing wrong about asking questions. It is a wonderful way that we can learn more about each other.


The Son of Man René Magritte

The Son of Man
René Magritte

So now it is your turn, tell me about your favorite Artist.


2 Responses to Who Is Your Favorite Artist?

  1. Larry says:

    Well [besides you], it’s a long list. I like Botero sculptures, Tiffany Glass, Steubeun Glass, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies Van Der Rohe, and Ray & Charles Eames, I love photo-realistic oil paintings, I love the guy who does the chalk street paintings with the amazing 3D perspective.

    But I’m going to pick a current artist, Robert Sabuda who essentially makes paper art. He creates hi-end pop-up books, often illustrating classic stories such as the Wizard of Oz, or the Twelve Days of Christmas. By turning a traditionally 2D ‘flat’ medium of books into a three dimensional work of art takes great engineering, technical skill and an artist’s vision. He is certainly a more non-traditional artist, but that’s part of the appeal.

    • johnmichael says:

      Yes, I would have to agree Robert Sabuda’s work is amazing.
      I love how he makes the page come to life in such a whimsical way.
      I have seen several of the ‘Chalk Guy’s” creations…and they are wonderful, I love that they only appear visible at certain angles, otherwise they just appear as blocks of color on the sidewalk.
      Thank you for sharing!

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